Our Story

“Born everywhere, worn everywhere: A borderless community.”

Liberty Noir is a worldwide brand with origins everywhere. We are a family that spans from multiple countries. Our premium, unique, timeless pieces are designed in our Barcelona HQ, handmade, and shipped from our creative centres in Dublin, Ireland. Each piece is inspired by travels and life experiences from each corner of the world. We offer the highest quality, handcrafted, premium jewellery that is custom designed and unlike anything else on the market. We believe in living life on your terms, being free and fashion conscious.

A Lifestyle

When you purchase from Liberty Noir, not only are you investing in premium quality jewellery, but you also buy into our lifestyle. Each piece represents you and is a statement of self-expression, freedom and culture. We were all born free. You’re a hedonist, a thrill seeker, a libertine. Welcome to the Liberty Noir syndicate.

Our Vision

We strive to offer unique jewellery at affordable prices and inspire individual greatness while creating a family of people who seek more out of life. We aim to be the best and to offer unique designs that are different and ahead of the curve. All our pieces are crafted and handmade using materials from Spain and Ireland.   

Experience & emotion in each piece

Liberty Noir was started for one main reason: To make unique, affordable jewellery that can be worn by him and her. Our pieces are carefully made with the highest quality gold, sterling silver and stainless steel material. We noticed too many lookalikes in the industry so we decided to create our own pieces which have been influenced by our style. Everything you see has been designed by us.