John Erwin Cruz

" I got my Monaco today and I must say, it looks slick and exquisite. It just gives off an air of confidence and pride. Thank you very much and more success to you, sir! "


"Compact and stylish! Worth the upgrade from the old school leather wallet. "

Romynelle Ajero

" I love the color and how super sleek it looks. My husband loves it even more. Thank you so much!"

Make a statement about your style

Your Wallet Shouldn’t Just Hold Your Cards And Cash. It Should Reflect Who You Are.

This wallet is designed to hold everything you need while minimizing bulk. The expandable stretch weave doesn't sacrifice a slim profile for storing up to 12 cards. Streamline your life and Ditch the bulky bi-fold wallet.

The ergonomically placed thumb notch allows you to instantly access your cards, leaving the clunky bi-fold as a distant memory.

Precision designed with space-grade aluminum, this wallet is lightweight and extremely durable making it built to last a lifetime.

Our minimalist wallet features RFID-Blocking Technology that keeps your credit cards safe from skimming.