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Executive Pro

Executive Pro

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A full-grain leather wallet is perfect for slim storage and quick card access. The built-in aluminum cardholder fans out your cards at the click of a button and protects them against skimming. 

The Executive Pro is an upgrade on our original 2020 Executive Model and now includes a coin pocket, and secure clasp closure. It is both compact and stylish, combining the classic style and appeal of a quality leather wallet, with the convenience, ease, and security of a Cullen Wayne card protector at its core. The two blend seamlessly to offer a luxury wallet with some extraordinary features and top-of-the-range RFID protection.

The Executive is a modern take on the classic bifold wallet. The design makes it compact and slim without reducing capacity. Like all Cullen Wayne wallets, it's secure and comfortable to use.

The Executive has the aluminum Cardprotector inside. The spring mechanism provides simple and fast access to your cards. Push the lever and the cards slide out smoothly, ready for immediate use. The strong case protects the cards against bending, breaking, and unauthorized wireless scanning.

The Crazyhorse leather billfold offers space for extra cards, banknotes, and business cards. There is no stud closure, which makes it slimmer. The cards inside the card protector are accessible without opening the leather billfold.

It's more sensitive to scratches, making the leather more personal over time and is backed by our 90-day warranty.

Airtag Device Not Included



What is RFID and how does the wallet protect against it?

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object. A tag can be read from up to several feet away and does not need to be within direct line-of-sight of the reader to be tracked. All of our wallets block RFID within the two aluminum inner plates.


How many cards can Cullen Wayne Wallets hold?

Our aluminum cardholders are designed using the best quality stretch weave band that can expand and contract to hold anywhere from 1-12 cards securely. We recommend carrying 5-10 of your most important cards.

The Executive/Senator wallets can hold a maximum of 4 embossed/6 non embossed cards in the aluminum casing. Overcrowding the casing by adding additional cards can lead to cards scratching and damage to the wallet trigger mechanism - which will void any warranty.


How much cash can Cullen Wayne Wallets hold? 

Money Clip: 1-20 bills (single fold)/1-8 (double fold)
Senator/Executive: 1-4 bills


What is the weight of each wallet?

Our wallets weigh 1.3oz


What are the dimensions of Cullen Wayne wallets?

The dimensions of each wallet are 85 x 54 x 9 mm. The exact width and length of a credit card.


Do you offer wedding party discounts? 

We do! Please email and we would be happy to supply you with a discount code for your whole party!


Do you offer engraving of your wallets?

We currently do not offer engravings/customization ourselves, but the wallet aluminum materials are durable, and you should have no problem getting an engraving done using a third party. Many customers choose to have these done at a mall kiosk or local hardware store. 


Do you offer refunds?

Cullen Wayne does NOT accept refunds for any reason. Upon making your payment, you agree that items you return are only allowable for exchange to the same item.

You may exchange your purchase within 7 days of the items arriving. Please check our Exchange and Returns Policy for more information. 







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Premium, full-grain leather

Compact, slim & lightweight

Built-in Airtag holder

Aluminum cardholder that holds up to 8 cards.

One-push easy card access.

RFID-blocking feature to protect your credit card details.


Premium Leather
RFID Blocking
Full Grain Cowhide Leather




68 x 102 x16m


Hold 1-8 cards & cash bills (max 4 embossed/6 non embossed cards in aluminum casing)


90-day warranty.

Instant Access

The card ejection mechanism revolutionizes the way you interact with your wallet. Cards are quickly fanned out at the push of the button, making fumbling through your wallet a distant memory.

Slim Design

Remove the clutter with our slimmest to date, hiding huge carry potential in a minimalist, front pocket fitting design.

Never Lose Your Wallet Again

The Executive Pro comes with an optional Airtag Pocket so you never have to worry about losing your wallet again.

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