Tips on Carrying Less

Tips on Carrying Less

Here at Cullen Wayne, we aim to create stylish products that simplify and streamline your everyday life.

To put it simply, you don't need to carry all your credit cards and membership cards everywhere you go. And don't get us started with stuffing those receipts into your wallet.

It's 2020 people! Gone are the days of hauling everything around with you. Life is stressful enough so give yourself a break. 

We've compiled a list of tips to help you slim down your everyday carry.

Limit Yourself to 5 Cards

Your ID, a credit card, a debit card, travel pass or metro card, and a work access card. That's it. You don't need anything else. You can maybe switch out a debit card for your favourite coffee membership card. (But let's be honest, all good coffee shops have electronic membership cards nowadays.) So drop the excuses and give it a try for a few days. You might not get it below 5, but you'll be surprised how little you actually use on a daily basis.

Carry Less Cash

Of course, it's good to carry a few bills around to cover tips, or pay the taxi if you can't get a grab. But you don't need wads of cash. See next point.

Go Digital

We are not just moving to a cashless society, but more and more to a contactless society. Apps like GCash and Wechat are being accepted more and more by the general public. Utilise those apps on your phone, and even store your credit and debit card information on secure apps such as Card Mate. There are apps out there that can even house all your membership cards in one place such as Lifelock.

Photograph Your Receipts

From my time in banking, Concur was a life saver when it came to handling business expense receipts. Now there are a lot more apps available through the app store, and our favourite has to be Expensify.  You just take a picture of your receipt, and it will scan all the important info for you into the app including the picture. You can then download, email, or even integrate with Quickbooks for your expense tracking.

Get a Slimmer Wallet

You don't carry your luggage around all day when you travel. So when it comes to your everyday carry, make your life easier and carry only the essentials. Get yourself organised and clear the clutter in your life so that you can focus on the important stuff. Check out our range of RFID wallets here. Our wallets come in 8 styles and colours to match any style or personality. Available in 7mm and 9mm profiles, and designed in the shape of a credit card, it will easily fit in your front pocket. And of course it will look a lot better than your bulky old wallet.

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