1. Size Matters

Ever felt like carrying a brick in your pocket? Ditch your bulky bifold & cut your pocket bulge by as much as 50%. Enjoy better comfort & a more streamlined daily carry by upgrading to a slim Cullen Wayne wallet.

2. Say No To Credit Card Theft

Over a billion dollars get skimmed from people's credit cards each year. It won't happen to you if you upgrade to Cullen Wayne wallets. All of our wallets come with RFID protection which prevents scanning your credit card details while in your wallet.

3. Never Lose Your Wallet

Let's be honest, it happens. We'll you'll be happy to know that it happened to your solar powered, easily trackable Ekster smart wallet. Pin point the exact location of your wallet on your phone any time with our tracker card.

4. Update Your Style

Upgrading your phone every couple of years but still using a wallet invented 70 years ago? It's time for an upgrade. Replace your clunky bifold with a fast-access trigger wallet from Cullen Wayne. Always get the right card instantly & look cool while you do it.

5. Enjoy Unmatched Quality

You want your wallet to be tough? How about space grade aluminium tough? As your bifold ages, card slots become loose and things start falling out. Instead of changing wallets every two years get an Cullen Wayne wallet and it won't give up before you do.

"The Executive Pro is a game-changer for your wallet game! Upgrade to the future of wallets and experience a touch of luxury and innovation in your everyday life. Get ready to unlock new adventures with this stylish companion that keeps your cards organized and your information protected!"

— The Cullen Wayne Team

The Most Innovative Wallet I've Ever Seen!

"The best wallet I've ever owned. From the unique design to the fit and finish of the wallet, I'm really impressed."


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Innovative RFID-Blocking Wallets

Elevate your style and unleash pocket perfection with Cullen Wayne's RFID-Blocking Wallets.

Elevate your style with the Executive Pro, our ultimate smart wallet.

Protect yourself from RFID Theft

Transform the way you carry your essentials with the Senator.